Welcome to the Brentsville District High School Library!

                                                   Mrs. Teressa DeDominicis -Library Media Specialist
                                                              Mrs. Jan Cook - Library Media Assistant

Library Media Center Hours
6:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. daily
(occasional adjustments may be made due to meetings/commitments of the library media center staff)
The library media center is an instructional and enrichment center for students and the school. Please let us know how we can assist with your educational needs and feel free to share suggestions you have for books, or other materials. It is THE place to come for researching, reading, and studying.  

Mission Statement:
The mission of the library media center is to help our students, faculty, and staff become active and effective users of information, to promote a lifelong love of reading and learning, and to provide materials that support the academic goals of BDHS.  We provide a safe, supportive learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop skills and knowledge to become a responsible and successful citizen.

Library Media Center Use:
Students may come in without a pass before school, after school, and during their assigned lunch period. During instructional school hours a pass is required. The only exception is a quick stop between classes. For security purposes, all students must sign in and out during the school day (except for between classes). Students who wish to utilize the library media center after eating lunch can obtain a pass from the library in the morning or on their way to lunch to sign out a lunch pass. The BDHS library media center is a water-only zone. Thank you for not bringing in other drinks and food.

Computer Use:
Make sure any work brought from home is compatible with school computers. We have Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. During the2014-15 school year we will be converting to Microsoft Office online which is the 2013 version. Students have space on their SchoolFusion accounts for saving work. To access your School Fusion account, use your student # as the username and your birthday (mmddyyy), as your password which you can change later. Save your work on the computer desktop on a thumb/jump/flash drive then go to My Files and browse for your file and upload it. Do not save your work to the computers and expect it to be there the following day. In order to keep the computers running efficiently, we have software that cleans the computers each time they are rebooted. 
Checking out Materials:
In order to check out materials, you must know your student number. Printed library materials (up to three, including magazines and newspapers) may be checked out for up to a 15 school day period and maybe renewed by bringing the materials back to the library. If a book is damaged please bring this to the attention of the library staff.                                                                                 

Overdue Books
As a responsible student and citizen, you should return materials in a timely manner. The date an item is due is stamped on the card in the pocket at the back of the book. Since we do not charge fines, failure to return books on time may result in a personal visit by a library staff member to retrieve the book(s), suspension of privileges (i.e. the purchase of homecoming dance or prom tickets), parent contact, and/or administrative intervention if the situation persists.
Lost or Damaged Resources
If materials are lost or damaged so that they may no longer be used, the student who checked them out is responsible for paying to replace them. 
Library Resources
All print resources are available for check-out.
Students may check up to three items out at a time. Regular circulation books are checked out for a period of 15 school days. Some special collection books have different check outs. Be sure to pay attention to the due-date cards and the date you are given when checking out a book.

Magazines/Newspapers: The most current issue of magazines stays in the library. Back magazine issues may be checked out. Current daily newspapers can be found on the coffee table. Back issues are kept generally for a week and are put on the newspaper rack by the door.

Reference Materials:  One area of the library is reserved for reference materials. These materials may be checked out overnight only (at the end of the day, return the next morning).

Printing: Students are given 10 free pages (sheets of paper) per semester for black and white printing. Beyond that, they will be charged 10 cents per page for black and white printing and 50 cents per page for color printing. For color printing take your jump drive to a library media center staff member with documents you want printed. Obligations from previous years must be paid before you get your free prints.

Electronic Resources: On the BDHS library media center menu you will find "Research & Databases." This will take you to links to our electronic holdings. Some links require a password. Passwords for those resources are available at the circulation desk. Don't forget to get a public library card for access to more free resources. Applications for public library cards are available in the BDHS library media center.