Welcome to the BDHS Nurse’s Corner. My name is Rosemary Mills, R.N., BSN and I am very pleased to be a part of the BDHS Student Support Team and the BDHS community.  I am a graduate of The Ohio State University and also have a B.S. in Biology from Heidelberg University.  The clinic is located down the hall from the Main Office on "A" street, Room 1212, look for the Red Cross Flag above the door!

To all 10th graders:  Bring your glasses or wear your contacts on Sept 4th and 5th during PE class.  I will be screening your vision and hearing per state requirements!

Attention!  Parents of 9th and 10th Graders!  Please review PWCPS regulation regarding Scoliosis Screening.  You can find this information in the Code of Behavior Handbook now on-line or go to www.pwcs.edu and review Regulation 753.01-1,  Scoliosis Screening.

Especially if you are new to BDHS, or your student has a chronic health condition, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with PWCPS policies and regulations.    Go to www.pwcs.edu Policies and Regulations, 757s, which deal with medical issues.
And a few notes about BDHS clinic...

The clinic is not a pharmacy. Each student must have his or her own supply of medication as well as written parental consent in accordance with PWCPS regulations.  Copy this form, complete and sign and return to school with medication.


Part I - Parent or Legal Guardian to Complete - One Medication per Form

Student Name (Last, First, Middle)


Date of Birth

School Name

School/SACC Year



Has student taken this medication before? Yes No (If no, the first full dose must be given at home.)

First dose was given: Date _________________Time___________

I/We hereby request Prince William County Public School personnel/CCC to administer medication as directed by this authorization. I/We authorize school personnel/CCC to communicate with the health care provider regarding the administration of this medication as allowed by HIPPA. I/We are aware that non-medical personnel may be administering medication to our child. I/We hereby release the Prince William County Public School Division and all of its employees/CCC of and from any and all liability in law for damages either we or our child may incur as a result of this request.

___________________________________________________ __________________________________________ ______________________

Parent or Guardian Signature Daytime Telephone Date

Part II - Physician must complete this section for all prescription medication or for any nonprescription medication that is to be given for more than the recommended duration or dosage, or when age guidelines are not followed as written on the label. Nonprescription medication to be given for relief of symptoms as directed on the package label may be given with the parent or guardian’s signature, and does not require a physician’s authorization and signature.

Any necessary medication that possibly can be taken before or after school/SACC should be so prescribed.

Information should be written in lay language with no abbreviations.

Student’s Diagnosis:

ICD-9 Code:

(when applicable)

Name of Medication:

Dosage of Medication:


Time(s) or interval between times to be given:

If medication is to be given on an as-needed basis, specify the symptoms or conditions when medication is to be taken and the time at which it may be given again.

Effective date:

Current School/SACC Year _________________ Or From _________________ To ________________

Medication expires on:

__________________________ _________________________ ______________ ____________

Physician Name (Print) Physician Signature Telephone Date

__________________________ _________________________ ______________ ____________

Parent or Guardian Name (Print) Parent or Guardian Signature Telephone Date

Parent Information Regarding Medication Procedures

The parent or guardian must transport medications to and from school/SACC. All prescription medications, including physician prescription drug samples, must be in their original containers and labeled by a physician or pharmacist. Over-the-counter medication must be in the original, sealed container. No medication will be accepted by school personnel/CCC without receipt of completed and appropriate medication forms.

Within one week after expiration of the effective date on the physician order, or on the last day of school/SACC, the parent or guardian must personally collect any unused portion of the medication. Medications not claimed within that period will be destroyed.

A physician may use office stationery or a prescription pad in lieu of completing Part II. Faxed authorization may be acceptable as long as there is a signed parental consent. Any changes in the original medication authorization will require a new written authorization and a corresponding change in the prescription label.

If your student has a chronic health condition with needs during the school day, please call or visit the nurse to determine how the school can best meet those needs.

There are reasons for sending a student home from school or for parents to keep a child at home:
  1. Fever of 100 degrees F or higher.
  2. Infections – conjunctivitis (pink eye), strep, ringworm, impetigo. These must be treated for 24 hours before returning to school.
  3. Unexplained rash.
  4. Head injury.
  5. Other injuries that impact student’s mobility where he/she is unable to ride the bus or walk or drive home.
  6. Colds with constant nasal drainage, severe cough or difficulty breathing.
  7. Diarrhea or vomiting.
  8. Stiff neck associated with fever or recent injury.
  9. Inadequate Immunizations.

--If your student has texted or called you from other than the clinic, be prepared to sign them out or send a note for early dismissal through the attendance office.
Be aware that if a student has texted or called from their cell phone, it is a violation of the code of behavior and disciplinary action can be taken.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to call the school nurse.
Rosemary Mills, RN, BSN
School Nurse