Your Contacts Are Here to Help
Posted on 09/08/2020
Tiger Den
Academic Support

Does your student need extra assistance or tutoring in a subject area?

First Contact Your Teacher, then see Counseling Support.




Does your family need access to a food pantry?

Contact Ivie Greenwood


Or support for substance abuse?
Lindsey Hanner

Tech Center

Do you need a new PWCS device? Is your current PWCS device having issues?

Contact Dave Greth

Dr. Meints (Principal)

BDHS Tech Support

Is your student having issues with Canvas? Email? ParentVue?
Contact Jason Bryce

Matt Carbo

Counseling Support

Does your student need support academically or emotionally? College applications confusing you?
Contact Jenifer Hennessy (Secretary)

Contact Your Counselor

Last Name (A-G): Jenny Bartelmes
Last Name (H-O): Amy Huerta
Last Name (P-Z): Andrea Layton
Josh Kline (


Does your student need to take an SOL test?
Contact Sara Yergey

Other Tests?
Contact Matt Carbo (Admin)

EL Family

Is your EL student having difficulty with the Virtual Schoolhouse?

Contact Emily Kozik

Katherine Salas (Admin)

Special Education

Is your Special Education student having difficulty with the Virtual Schoolhouse?

Contact Jane Denney

Dr. Meints (Principal)

Enrichment Opportunities

Is your student missing school clubs and activities?

We offer virtual activities!

Contact Seth Cameron (Admin)