Brentsville staff support a variety of learners, and have created a variety of educational settings in an effort to provide a range of supports which will enable students to be successful. 

Electronic Signature Tutorial
The following link is to a demonstration/information regarding how to use EdPlan Connect to sign pages electronically: Link to EdPlan Connect Parent Portal Demo for Parents  - How to Log-in.

County level support and advisory committee
Learn more about the Parent Resource Center and the Special Education Advisory Committee:  

Parent Resource Center Website
Special Education Advisory Committee Website

Helpful information

Right to Special Programs/Services Website
This page contains a printable PDF Form.  Please note although the division form recommends contacting central office, please contact Brentsville directly. Please ask to speak to an administrator about the various tiered supports and process to receive supports. Topics of this conversation will include intervention plans, special education, and 504s.

Guidance for Military Families with Students in Special Education